auto curtains

Automatic Smoke and Fire Curtains

Automatic smoke curtains are used where fixed smoke curtains are either impractical or aesthetically unacceptable. Products are equipped with an electric motor that holds the retracted curtain at ceiling level and unrolls the fabric automatically upon a signal from a fire detection system. Fire auto curtains smoke curtains are also available.
Automatic fire and smoke curtains prevent the movement of smoke and heat generated by a fire from one area to another by channelling or containing the smoke and heat. The product is comprised of a flexible heat resistant curtain fabric which is impervious to smoke and hot gases, wound around a circular tube. Upon receiving a signal from a fire detection system or on loss of power, the curtain automatically unwinds to its operational position. Products are designed for integration into the ceiling for virtually hidden fire protection and a more aesthetically pleasing design.
The Colt Smokemaster SM-5 automatic smoke curtain prevents the movement of smoke and heat from one area to another in a fire by channelling or containing the smoke and heat. Smoke curtains are used to protect egress routes in the event of an emergency and to minimize costly smoke damage to building contents.
Protective screen Laitovo is a solid metal frame with elastic sonnenschutz fur autoscheiben fabric, which has “Blinds effect» (Sunblockeffekt). Protective screen Laitovo is installed into the car aperture. It is designed to protect the driver and the passengers from the sun rays, dust and views of people around.

Protective screens Laitovo are manufactured ander a German brand name. The company’s headquarters is located in Hamburg. Today Laitovo is selling in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East. In Russia, the company’s products are represented by partners in more than 50 regions of the country.

Laitovo – is high quality product of Premium segment. Our protective screens are bought by the drivers who choose only best accessories for their cars.